Monday, September 21, 2009

catching up

My summer was mostly overcast or pouring rain with brief periods if sun, so I just couldn't write.

To sum up:

On the home front I've dealt with the nightmare of the dealing with the condo board and finally got everything fix last weekend. I now need to put everything back.

On the dating front, "I'm looking for my fourth wife." Why would someone say that on a first date? And "If you voted for Obama or consider yourself a feminist you'er not the girl for me." I didn't vote for Obama because he is too conservative for me, besides I was too busy burning my bra.

On the work front, my organization is undergoing a major upheaval and while my group is secure, there is a lot uncertainty and the fighting in the media is awful.

On the health front, I had a scare and I had someone tell me that I'm "really getting fat".

But the fall is here and I'm starting anew. I've taken up swimming with a goal to swim 1650m. I'm taking a sewing class to make a coat. I'm moving to the teenagers with girl guides. So things should be better.